Village Theme Park

One of my personal fantasies is designing a theme park in a country village. I enjoy the idea to utilize simple and easy to maintain thrill rides, promote the existing culture and make use of the natural environment.

The marketing could emphasis these very concepts. Of course there would have to be an upgrade in the facilities, which basically means clean toilets and great farm fresh foods. For this the locals should be heavily involved, AND in order to do that (at least in China) education classes in general community and civic values (toilets, trash, general maintenance, etc) and hospitality services. There is a streamlined list of requirements for this that I will not be listing here. For that,,,, you can employ me.

Here are some samples of the idea, which I find incredibly charming, terribly personal, very human and an opportunity to redefine the paradigm of outrageous theme parks. Remember; fun is your little girl laughing in a tea-cup ride.

Park Entry

Street Scape


Scenic Elements

Train Ride Commercial Zone


Scenic Elements


Children’s Zone

General Mix of Simple Rides and Village


Food Court

Dark Ride Entry



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