Happy Warrior

It is has been noted by a beloved authority that I look “grumpy” in many of my posts. My only excuse is, that bringing dreams or reality to life, as is my passion and my experience, I must fight what I think are the forces of darkness, (mediocrity). The grumpy looking pictures are usually of me in the midst of this aspect of the creative process. Believe me, I love what I do and the drawing table and being on-site  are (aside from being with my family),  my favorite places to be. The boardroom, -not so much-, but there the passion for any project must be conveyed. Below are some more “happy-snaps” denoting the fact that; Yes, I am a happy warrior.

Somewhat Chronologically listed

Sir Stamford Raffles -designed and performed in Singapore’s National Day Parade 1996

On-site installation, Lost City Zhuhai, water park

On-site installation, Shanghai’s Ocean Aquarium

On-site installation Beijing’s Happy Valley

I am far-left, second row holding my friend Huang Huang the dog.

With architects and artists on-site in Beijing

With animals on-site, Huangzhou Safari Park

Installing water-feature dragon head, Splendid China, Shenzhen

Delivering impassioned speech about design and build.

Speaking to The Chinese Congress of Theme Park Development.

At the drawing table.

Being silly.

Working with others, in the office or the field.

and writing about it,,

I am happy to have a passion and a life that serves others bringing dreams to life!

Thank you!







Various Design and Build Items

Some examples of Design and Build, from drawing table to fruition.

Zhuhai Water Park Entry Icon, stainless steel

Water Toys for Splendid China, Shenzhen

Park Entry Sculpture, Escape Singapore

Park Entry Signage, Lost City Zhuhai, China

World’s Largest Dinosaur, Drumheller Alberta Canada

World’s Largest Banana Tree Water Feature, Splendid China Shenzhen


Bird Cage Entry Arch Happy Valley Chengdu China

Wild Bird Enclosure, Happy Valley Chengdu China

Kiosk Lost City, Zhuhai China

Kiosk, Splendid China

Christmas Table Top Decoration, Transfar Shenzhen China

-give till it hurts, music box-

Circus Train, Transfar Shenzhen China

Service Uniforms for Water Park, Lost City Zhuhai China


Photo-ops and Outdoor Coffee Shop South China Mall, Dong Guang China

and on and on and on and on

Past Theatrical Experience

I am a simple artist and draw things. However my early training was in performance. First as a performer myself and later as a costumer, prop maker, set designer/builder etc. These experiences, in my opinion helped prepare me for show design and production and gave me a better understanding of spacial relationships as in coordination with living players both performers, guests or even animals.

Early years, ballet

Later musicals, song and dance

Rock and Roll vocalist

Set design and production

Favorable Reviews

Award Winning

 Teaching at Junior College Level, Theater Crafts 



Country Sized Productions such as Singapore’s National Day (my last performance as Sir Stamford Raffles)

Set and Prop Manufacturing

All on a grand scale 

Smaller Venues, such as fashion shows and other “trade events”.