Lost City -Early Water Parks in China-

In 1999-2000, I was asked to be the primary designer for a small water park in Zhuhai China, The Pearl of the Orient.

Park Entry and Icon

Me and Team placing Icon

Architecture. This park had approximately 8 months to design AND build

I worked closely with the engineers and contractors.

Features -Bridge over Lazy River




China’s first “elevated Lazy River”.

Plan and Elevation

Work in Progress


Including the artists

And with the Water Park Suppliers, Amusements Leisure and Whitewater


Low-Thrill Roller Coaster from Concept to Fruition

What I consider, one of my “masterpieces” is this low-thrill roller coaster (log ride) which I converted into a Mayan Theme for OCT’s Happy Valley Beijing.


Concept Developed

Working Model made with foam-core , paint and plaster, in scale 1:100

Front Elevation



Construction Detail

Me with Architects and Art Team in front of Giant Sculpted Heads

Almost Done

Me on-site with contractors looking over above published drawings

Entry, takes guests under the tracts and into a queue zone which winds around the ride making the queue as exciting as the ride.

Again, me on-site with contractors and administrators.

Entry Complete


Panda Enclosure

The Proposed Panda Enclosure in Hangzhou Safari Park, is infused with a Story line involving a Temple where the priests ultimately turn into Pandas

Entry Arch

Panda Temple Plan

Panda Temple 3/D

Section I

Section II

Section II

Panda Icon Sculpts

Me on-site with Panda Sculpt

Panda Open Enclosure, 3/D Model (by others) based on my design conceptual renderings.