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The World's Largest Dinosaur

Now available – Published July 2012


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Part literary memoir, part erotic travelogue, and part design notebook, The

World’s Largest Dinosaur is all heart in its blunt depiction of one man’s descent

into the vortex of his own insecurity in an attempt to identify whatever essential

truths are to be found in art, in humanity, and in himself. It is an unflinching account

filed from the front lines of the human condition, and as such it travels a road rarely

portrayed in contemporary non-fiction.


See also the project "World's Largest Dinosaur, Alberta, Canada, year 2000.

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The Tragic Kingdom

Published July 2009


The Tragic Kingdom, is a behind-the-scenes look into the field of design and

build in China. The book is a profile of the personalities, culture, and psychology

of the world’s most massive looming superpower as seen through the eyes of

an ex-pat American.


“Of all the places I could imagine as a kid, China was the worst. As far as intense childhood

fears and phobias went, it ranked right up there with pirates and people who used guillotines-

and never in my wildest imagination did I even think for one minute it would become my home”.


The stories and themes found in The Tragic Kingdom spring from one man’s journey. At the

same time I believe they disclose truths about a globalization that eventually will impact every

economy, lifestyle, and person on the planet.


Title: The Tragic Kingdom or; Prisoner in a Chinese Theme Park

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Other Published works:

EDSA Asia Classic Collection, 2006

Classic of Landscape Design IV, 2006

Longri's Corporate Brochure, 2007


























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The new book "The World's Largest Dinosaur".











































Published in 2009, The Tragic Kingdom.





































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