Leisure Destinations and Village Renewal

Leisure Destinations are the newest form of property management. The major components are emphasis on both CULTURE and ENVIRONMENT. The advantage of such a definition is to all the parties involved. It creates a tax revenue for the government, jobs for developers, new opportunities for otherwise forgotten communities, and sustainable environmental control and improvement for unused or exotic regions. This relatively new treatise of property management generates new areas of commercial activity and travel opportunities for the the domestic market as well as builds unique residential and commercial properties.

There are standard rules of this sort of development, specifically as concerned the use of materials and the education of existing communities, that I will not go into here. However, I will show a progression of renderings that illustrate the process.

My experience has largely been in China’s Yunnan Province. Enclosed are;

Water Ink and the Cultural Corridor,

Doupo Village


The process is typically understood from large to small. The Preliminary Site Creative Analysis and Functions, Development, Activities, Structures, Details, Interiors

Site Plans; generally locate the best use of the topography, natural features and access routes.

Often, overlays directly onto CAD elevations are the way to go.

Focus on smaller area.

Which begins to identify in Bubble Chart functions

And can be best seen as strict Bubble Charts and Traffic Flows

This suggests structures to support functions and activities.

Which facilitates greater detail in Plan View


The Plans then go Vertical

Concept to Elevation  

Elevation to Detail

Structures, Resort Standards and Rebuilt Village Dwellings as Boutique Hotels, Commercial Zones, Cultural Centers, Activity Areas, Schools, etc.

Details are then employed to help facilitate construction costs.

Some sketches are employed for “temperament feelings” and moods.

Economical Luxury Interiors based on Local Cultures Blended Seamlessly with the Environment

Activities: Food Courts, Spas, Fishing Centers, Hiking/Horse Riding Trails, Cultural Events, Science Exhibits, Camping/Glamping, Outdoor Plays, Jeep Trail Blazing, Natural Settings, etc.


Smaller 5-Star Leisure Communities

Culture and Environment, an Optimum Leisure Destination


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The Short List

This is a compilation for speed scrolling, of some of my favorite works and on-site shots. (I cannot post current activities as I have signed a number of Non-Disclosure Agreements). If you have any questions you can contact me directly.



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