Sketches from a Bus in China

Two years ago I got a job across town  -Shenzhen- which required a one hour bus ride starting at 7:am. I started early so I could get a seat, (I live in China) and refused to push or shove or be herded boarding a bus if I could help it. If I got a seat, I would spend the next hour staring into my lap and sketching vigorously on my drawing pad. Ostensibly, because I wouldn’t want to make eye-contact (with everybody’s -strangers all-bodies pressed closed to one another, eye contact is highly improbably), but largely because I have general anxiety and find relief in worlds that I create. Subsequently, I have hundreds of these drawings. Some good, some not so good, but all a reflection of my mind at the time riding a crowded bus and most, expressions of the human condition in a rather unflinching and raw manner.




and so it goes,,,,,,



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