Lost City -Early Water Parks in China-

In 1999-2000, I was asked to be the primary designer for a small water park in Zhuhai China, The Pearl of the Orient.

Park Entry and Icon

Me and Team placing Icon

Architecture. This park had approximately 8 months to design AND build

I worked closely with the engineers and contractors.

Features -Bridge over Lazy River




China’s first “elevated Lazy River”.

Plan and Elevation

Work in Progress


Including the artists

And with the Water Park Suppliers, Amusements Leisure and Whitewater


Low-Thrill Roller Coaster from Concept to Fruition

What I consider, one of my “masterpieces” is this low-thrill roller coaster (log ride) which I converted into a Mayan Theme for OCT’s Happy Valley Beijing.


Concept Developed

Working Model made with foam-core , paint and plaster, in scale 1:100

Front Elevation



Construction Detail

Me with Architects and Art Team in front of Giant Sculpted Heads

Almost Done

Me on-site with contractors looking over above published drawings

Entry, takes guests under the tracts and into a queue zone which winds around the ride making the queue as exciting as the ride.

Again, me on-site with contractors and administrators.

Entry Complete


Panda Enclosure

The Proposed Panda Enclosure in Hangzhou Safari Park, is infused with a Story line involving a Temple where the priests ultimately turn into Pandas

Entry Arch

Panda Temple Plan

Panda Temple 3/D

Section I

Section II

Section II

Panda Icon Sculpts

Me on-site with Panda Sculpt

Panda Open Enclosure, 3/D Model (by others) based on my design conceptual renderings.








Aquarium Features

Aquariums that provide “layers of information” are those that are guaranteed return visits. Special Exhibitory and Story Telling is paramount.

For example; Imagine a Shark Tank designed as the Ballroom on the Titanic.

Perspective -notice the floor axis is raked toward viewers-

Plan, Elevations

A 3/D Model (by others) based on above Concept Design