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SKY GARDEN – Vertical Garden / Food Garden









Project description:

Date: 2014

Address:  Longri Ltd,

Nanshan Disctrict,

Shenzhen, China














Vertical and Food Gardens are becoming more popular, satisfying four basic human interests; Leisure, Decoration, Education and Food Production. These gardens can be at ground level yards or rooftops for professional, civic or personal use.


The Vertical / Food Garden you see here was done at an office location in Shenzhen China. Special requirements in design for water drainage and irrigation are always the issue. Personal preference for a variety of water systems are available from no-soil or low-soil content, needing additional filtration and nutrient elements, to standard systems.


Roofs and other tight spaces like balconies require vertical systems. These can be simple or expensive. The samples you see here are based on very simple designs.














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