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Animal enclosures can be a variety of styles. Zoo's are the oldest and are rapidly being changed, by what are

called natural enclosures where steel bars are being replaced by natural barriers. Aquariums on the other hand,

are large and small containments of water with delicate life forms, so therefore are highly concerned with support

systems. Butterfly houses, (and other insects) can also fall into this category. Actual relocation centers are driven

by ecological-tourism and must be concerned with the animal’s welfare and the convenience and safety of guests.

It is my opinion that all are emerging from the definition of museums and exhibits, so are in need of themes and

story-lines in order to increase their interest by the general public.






































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Hangzhou Safari Park



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*  Animal Habitats


Giant Panda Project



*  Exhibitions


Red Crane Habitat Concept



*  Small Gardens


Butterfly House, HV, Chengdu



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Bird Enclosure, HV, Chengdu



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Shenyang Aquarium





Shanghai Ocean Aquarium





Hangdarm Island Aquarium





Wuyish Aquarium












































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