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Resorts are generally places people go on holiday. However the definition has now specialized. There are

golf resorts, eco-resorts, spas, water parks, etc. All have the definition of a resort by featuring accommodations

for the client. With this in mind, resorts are actually themed locations, with the added attraction of possible

overnight stays, multiple venues and activities.












































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* Resorts


Buena Vista, Shenzhen



* Theme Parks


Windmill Resort, Hainan



* Animal Habitats


Heyuan Spa, Heyuan



* Exhibitions


OCT Portofino, Shenzhen



* Small Gardens


South-China Mall, Dongquan



* Productions


Tai Cang, Jiangsu



* Products


Amazon Park, Shenzhen





Chang Zhou, Jiangsu





OCT, Chengdu























































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